Welcome to 4CaaSt

The 4CaaSt project aims to create an advanced PaaS Cloud platform which supports the optimized and elastic hosting of Internet-scale multi-tier  applications. 4CaaSt embeds all the necessary features, easing programming of rich applications and enabling the creation of a true business ecosystem where applications coming from different providers can be tailored to different users, mashed up and traded together.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 258862

Reducing Time to Market

Cloud computing is essentially changing the way services are built, provided and consumed. Despite simple access to Clouds, building elastic services is still an elitist domain and proprietary technologies are an entry barrier especially to SMEs and consequently, it remains largely within the domain of established players. The project will bring significant benefits to the European economy. It will provide an easy to use Infrastructure for a More Competitive Environment, greatly simplifying design and delivery of tailored services and compositions.

Shifting focus from technology to business aspects will accelerate the Massive Uptake of Value Added Services taking full advantage of Telco communication paradigms. Thus, 4CaaSt ultimately contributes to the Future Internet by its ability to serve the service demands of tomorrow in a highly efficient and scalable manner. It brings Europe’s Telco industries the unique opportunity to expand their traditional business towards integrated IT/Telco service platforms as well as allowing Cloud Platform providers to expand the scope of the way the platform can be utilised.

Leveraging the Cloud Ecosystem: The 4CaaSt Way!

Cloud computing is changing the way how software is produced today. However, cloud vendors compete in ecosystems that include competitors, complementors, infrastructure providers, development platform providers, orchestrators and many more. Hence, intermediaries like electronic marketplaces for cloud-based services become inevitable, as they increase transparency and facilitate more efficient market transactions within the cloud ecosystem. The 4CaaSt [...]

Please participate in our study about on demand platform solutions!

Your Feedback Requested! We would like to ask for your feedback and experiences about on demand platform solutions, also known as platform as a service (PaaS). Your feedback is highly appreciated for designing future enhancements for the 4CaaSt platform. We kindly ask you to participate in the following survey. It will take you about 15–20 minutes to complete this questionnaire. Of course, your input will be treated confidential and anonymous. Nonetheless, we ask you to fully complete the entire questionnaire to receive meaningful data.

2nd International Workshop on Business Systems Management & Engineering

The Second Edition of the International Workshop on Business Systems Management & Engineering will take place on the 29th June 2011 in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland as part of TOOLS Europe 2011. Business Process Management (BPM) has emerged as both a management principle and a suite of software technologies for business processes lifecycle management. Business goals and [...]

Servicewave2010: http://servicewave.eu/2010/

ICCS/NTUA participated in Servicewave2010 conference (http://servicewave.eu/2010/) that took place in Ghent, from the 13th to the 15th December 2010 which was co-located with Future Internet Conference (http://www.fi-week.eu/). A 4CaaSt was presented in session “NESSI Strategic and Compliant research projects” as one of the 7 new projects that have joined the NESSI research environment. This session provided [...]

Bi-Annual All-Members Meeting

NSN participated in the Bi-Annual All-Members Meeting (see ‎[2]) of the Communications Futures Program (see ‎[1]) by MIT. The meeting took place in Munich, Germany on 20-21 October 2010. Josef Urban from NSN Research presented some opportunities and challenges that cloud computing raises in the telecom domain. 4CaaSt was briefly mentioned in the presentation as an important research [...]

2010 Science Days

NSN participated in the 2010 Science Days: Science Days by HfTL:https://www.hft-leipzig.de/de/forschung-wirtschaft/hftl-science-days.html Agenda of the 2010 HfTL Science Days: www.hft-leipzig.de/…/Science_Days/Programm_ScienceDays.pdf by Hochschule für Telekommunikation Leipzig. The event took place in Leipzig, Germany on 2-3 November 2010. Josef Urban from NSN Research presented some opportunities and challenges that cloud computing raises in the telecom domain. 4CaaSt was briefly mentioned in the [...]

4CaaSt at the Internet of Services 2010

Last 19-20 October, a representation of the 4CaaSt Project was attending to the “Internet of Services 2010: Collaboration meeting for FP6 & FP7 projects” organized by  the European Commission in Brussels.  We were presenting the 4CaaSt’s main objectives and PaaS model, including our reference architecture at the Service Architectures, Virtualised Service Platforms and Standards Working [...]