2nd International Workshop on Business Systems Management & Engineering

The Second Edition of the International Workshop on Business Systems Management & Engineering will take place on the 29th June 2011 in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland as part of TOOLS Europe 2011.

Business Process Management (BPM) has emerged as both a management principle and a suite of software technologies for business processes lifecycle management. Business goals and objectives are expressed in the definition of business processes, which are deployed, executed, monitored, analyzed, changed and redeployed. BPM brings value to an enterprise as the proactive management of business processes can increase the efficiency, agility and effectiveness of organizations, which ultimately leads to happier customers.

This years BSME workshop will concentrate on next-generation BPM that serves as a means of delivering business solutions as software services. The workshop is jointly organized with the 4CaaSt project to focus on how these services are delivered through the cloud, a popular strategic technology choice for businesses as it provides a flexible, ubiquitous and consistent platform that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

With the move to software services and cloud-based deployments, the trend in BPM will be to move from a relatively static view to a much more dynamic perspective, where business process interactions are examined to understand much more accurately the operations. This brings requirements for more granular application monitoring and management techniques that can be applied to various entities in a business process, such as business data, events, operations and process fragments. Individual and aggregated QoS and KPIs can guarantee a continuous and cohesive information flow and correlation of end-to-end process properties.

The interface of software services and cloud computing provides a rich area for research and experience to combine to give a unique insight into how BPM can be achieved in practice. We encourage submissions of research papers on work in the area of BPM and especially welcome papers describing developments in cloud-enabled business process management and all related areas, such as deployment techniques, business models for cloud-based enterprises and experience reports from practitioners.
Flyer of the workshop: