Leveraging the Cloud Ecosystem: The 4CaaSt Way!

Cloud computing is changing the way how software is produced today. However, cloud vendors compete in ecosystems that include competitors, complementors, infrastructure providers, development platform providers, orchestrators and many more. Hence, intermediaries like electronic marketplaces for cloud-based services become inevitable, as they increase transparency and facilitate more efficient market transactions within the cloud ecosystem.

The 4CaaSt marketplace provides a contribution to this research area by proposing a concept for a marketplace serving all types of cloud-based services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, XaaS etc.). Social enhanced features are envisaged in order to individualize the marketplace’s user experience, to increase the relevance of search results, and to increase the precision of market analysis tools. A method of designing and optimizing business models of cloud service providers is introduced as well as an approach towards visualization; simulation and optimization of cloud service pricing is presented.

Get an eyeful of the two YouTube videos introducing the 4CaaSt Marketplace from a Service Providers View , as well as from a Service Consumers View.

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