4CaaSt will concentrate on four major event organizers or sponsors:

  • The European Commission ICT Research Projects events related with the Information Society (IS) and the Software & Services Architectures and Infrastructures (SSAI)
  • The Future Internet Assembly (FIA) events
  • Networked European Software & Services Initiative (NESSI) international and national and events.
  • Standards and Interoperability for eInfrastructure ImplemeNtation InitiAtive (siena)

The 4CaaSt related events are usually annual or biannual. The following tables (, and ) have the events planned for the first period (M1-14) where 4CaaSt has participated or will participate. The event tables will be updated with the outcome of new events in the future. These tables are available at the project’s WiKi web site and will be updated as the events are announced.