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Measures of Success

The definition of meaningful, precise and measurable metrics is needed to evaluate the progress in the communication and dissemination of the 4CaaSt results. The following measures for communication and dissemination have been defined:

  1. Scientific Results
    1. Journal, Conference and Workshop Papers
      1. Total Number of papers published as part of 4CaaSt
      2. Number of papers with authors from different partners
      3. 4CaaSt in General
    2. Conference activities
      1. Number of subject presentations (keynotes and invited speeches)
      2. Number of organized workshops
      3. Number of poster presentations
      4. Number of demos presented
  2. Product-related Results
    1. Number of published whitepapers
    2. Open Source contributions
      1. Number of supported projects
      2. Number of contributed lines of code
    3. Number of products to which 4CaaSt results contributed to
    4. Number of standardization initiatives initiated by the partners to standardize outcomes of the 4CaaSt project
  3. 4CaaSt in General
    1. Number of published press releases
    2. Number of 4CaaSt website hits and visitors
    3. Number of subscribers to the 4CaaSt RRS feed
    4. Number of subscribers to the 4CaaSt Research Newsletter

Events and 4CaaSt Publication Auto-Reminder

In order to be automatically notified when submission deadlines of journals, conferences and workshops related to 4CaaSt are approaching we set up the Google Account and using the corresponding Google Calendar.