The 4CaaSt project aims to create an advanced PaaS Cloud platform which supports the optimized and elastic hosting of internet-scale, multi-tier applications and embeds all the necessary features easing programming of rich applications and enabling the creation of a true business ecosystem where applications coming from different providers can be tailored to different users, mashed up and traded together.

The 4CaaSt platform therefore brings a unique value proposition, translated into the following points:

  • The highest level of abstraction regarding hosting, hiding complexity while providing the most efficient solution
  • A complete set of built-in programming libraries and common facilities beyond what is offered by state-of-the-art PaaS Clouds, easing development of killer applications
  • The most attractive business ecosystem support facilities, to promote and monetize applications as well as create an active community of users and developers
  • The necessary tools to monitor execution and manage lifecycle of applications.

Overall, the project will bring significant benefits to the European economy via a greatly simplified design and delivery model for services and service compositions. The developed platform will lead to the establishment of new and highly dynamic and innovative service ecosystems.

The project will bring specific benefits to the following stakeholders:

  • Application providers, who get a platform that allows for easy development of Internet-scale services. They can focus on the service functionality and can use platform functionality and underlying resources without any a priori capital expenses.
  • Consumers, who get easy access to a large number of services with very easy-to-use consumption models (e.g. pay per use).
  • Application/Service aggregators, who get a platform that allows for easy composition of services which all follow the same lifecycle model.
  • Cloud providers, who can establish a platform in order to establish a business/service ecosystem around a certain topic and to generate a business on intermediation.

To summarize, the platform should enable the involved parties to focus on their individual business. Providers of services and applications should be able to focus on the development and offering of highly demanded services. Consumers should be able to easily find and consume services. Service aggregators should be able to build and offer demanded service composites. Cloud Providers should be able to focus on the efficient platform operation with value added lifecycle processes and marketing features. More…